All you need to know

The hackathon will be held online!

Who can join?

All participants  shall be of legal age (18+) and resident of one of the Copernicus participating countries (EU Member States + Norway and Iceland). Participants shall have skills relevant to software development, including computer programmers, graphic and interface designers, GIS and EO experts, project managers, business developers and thematic experts. 

What happens after I have signed up?

You will receive an email that will give you access to the hackathon’s Slack workspace. You will also be given access to the idea platform where you will submit your developed solution. We suggest that you create your team profile on the platform immediately after you gain access and continually update your submission as you make progress with your solution. Do not leave everything until the last minute.

What if I have never worked with Earth Observation data before?

That is not a problem. There will be several online lectures held by experts who will teach you everything you need to know to develop a solution for the challenges.

Why should I join?

Hackathons are the perfect way to meet people from different backgrounds and experiences. Together you can inspire each other with your respective skill sets to actualize your brilliant ideas.

What if I am not in a team already?

You can sign-up alone and we will do the matchmaking. If you are in a team, sign up as a team. A team of 3-6 members with relevant skills is ideal otherwise we will make sure you have the best combination in your team.

What is the expected output of the developed solution?

The hackathon is a coding experience during which Copernicus data is actually accessed and used. The expected output shall thus go beyond a mere concept presentation.

What will I be provided as a particpant?

We will offer business and technical training before and during the event. Participants will get access to relevant coaching and IT infrastructure (software, API) throughout the hackathon, to faciliate access and use of Copernicus data. Participants will get access to Copernicus data via the ONDA DIAS platform or the OpenDataCube (ODC) platform. 1 member per team will be given access to the ONDA or ODC platforms on the 1st of September. No equipment, like laptops and computers, will be provided.

Who owns the developed solutions?

Participants will own the intellectual property rights to all their developments made during the Copernicus Hackathon. Ownership of the teams' output shall be with the teams' participants, who will jointly own the app concepts / draft developments. We will not disclose any confidential information acquired through the organisation of a Copernicus Hackathon to any third party. Furthermore,  all experts and mentors involved in the Copernicus Hackathon commit to a non-disclosure agreement. 

When does the submission platform close?

September 27th at 15:00!

What does it cost to participate?

Participation is free of charge. 

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